Things that I love about Japan


Japan is the country that have unique culture. Modern city, Manga and Anime are the famous in recent years but also history like Samurai and ninja is one of the attractive culture too.

Today I’m gonna write about what I like about Japan.

The things I like about japan

  1. Politeness and Kindness 
  2. High quality services
  3. Japanese food
  4. Japanese style bar (Izakaya)
  5. safe country
  6. cherry blossom season

1. Politeness and Kindness

 If you need help when you visit japan, don’t worry. Japanese people are polite and kind in general ! So they will help you.
We can see how they have good manners in many ways, like at the train station everyone makes  lines and nobody talk on the phone at the train. Specially service industry is amazing. Every staffs say welcome and thank you even you don’t buy anything at the shop.

2. High quality services.

One of the most famous phrase in Japanese company is “customer is a god”. Every company is trying to provide a high quality service for their customers. As a result, Japanese products are well detailed, trains work punctual, convenience store is open 24 hours.

The service I like at the hair cut is hair dressers wash our hair and massage our shoulder after that. The shampoo time is really comfy 🙂

3. Japanese Food

Japanese food is one of the famous cuisine worldwide. Ramen, Japanese curry, syabusyabu, Yakiniku(Japanese style BBQ) is the things I want you to try when you visit japan. Lot of Japanese food are made with “Dashi” , it’s the taste from bonito fish and has flavor called “Umami” that feel us tasty. So any kind of food in japan is tasty. Even the eggs have dashi is really good. The price of restaurant in japan is not expensive. Normally one meal is around 600 JPY to 900 JPY (1USD=106JPY). I’ll introduce more Japanese foods in other articles.

4. Japanese style bar(Izakaya)

For me, Japanese style bar is the best place when I hung out with friends at night. At the Japanese style bar, we can order a lot of kind of food and it’s good place to enjoy drinking and eating with other people.
The good thing is, they have flee drinking plan that means we can drink as much as we want with 2-3 hours for 2000JPY. The price is depend on the bars. Some bars have 1 hour free drink with 1000JPY, some other bars have unlimited with 2000JPY. The most cheapest place I went to was unlimited drinking and eating with 3000JPY. HELL’YHEA!!

5. Safe country

As I’m female, I always have to be careful to walking outside specially at night. But in japan, we don’t have to care about our safety so much. Japanese people have high moral so crime rate in Japan is low. Also population density is high, therefore if it’s not rural area other people are walking outside too.

The big things are Japan is the country not allowed to have guns. So there is not crime by guns. In addition, Japan doesn’t allow to have any kind of drugs. Even just having marijuana, you can go to the jail maximum 5 years.
Of course there are crimes in Japan, sometimes bad crimes happen and there are some creepy crimes too. But those things are making me feel safe and I can say it’s a safe country.

6. Cherry blossom (Sakura) season

cherry blossom in Japan

The season of Sakura (cherry blossom) is my favorite. In spring, cherry blosspm trees turn to pink from no color. Getting warm and beautiful pink trees make us happy. It’s just 2 weeks the trees bloom so in that season people do Hanami (watching cherry blossom trees) and lot of stand shops show up.

At the Hanami, people do picnic under the trees and eat and drink alcohol.
Some places light up the trees at night too, that’s also beautiful too. I think it’s my favorite culture of Japan. If you visit Japan, I recommend you visit in that season!

cherry blossom in Japan2

How was this article? Could you feel what japan is like? I know my writing is not good sorry if it’s difficult to read. But I’ll keep write and introduce something about Japan. Thank you for reading !

What do you like about Japan? Please leave a comment!